Water treatment by WPA

Good water treatment increases the life expectancy of high pressure components. A professional waste water treatment meets your legal obligations and is great for the environment. With our Woda series we strive to optimize your entire water jet production.


Together with you, we develop a concept for a perfect solution.


Save time and money with us through optimized workflows.


Our solutions are compatible with any waterjet machine.

Possibilities for optimization

We are here for you. In Karlsruhe, regionally, nationally and Europe-wide.

Nationwide & Regional

Our Headquarters are located in the heart of Baden-Württemberg, but we are available for you nationwide as well.


Customers throughout Europe trust us with their projects. We support you reliably, also throughout Europe.

Stanislaw Jakubiec

Our experience is your experience.

With 20 years of experience in the waterjet industry, our team offers professional and technical expertise through individual consulting, customized waterjet training and innovative products. With our services you can optimize production processes, increase the sustainability of your production and reduce medium and long-term costs. Together with you, we develop and implement innovative solutions.

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