Waterjet abrasive removal:

Our WodaGarnetClean is a mobile desludging unit for removing sludge deposits in the cutting basin during ongoing cutting operation. WodaGarnetClean is operated exclusively with compressed air and can be used everywhere and without short-circuit risk due to this currentless concept.

WodaGarnetClean is the mobile de-sludging system for cutting basins of all waterjet cutting machines. The system is very easy to operate, requires no training and saves the user strenuous manual shovelling, expensive extraction services and lengthy unnecessary production interruptions.

Mobile desludging plant
During abrasive waterjet cutting, a lot of sludge is being produced, which is deposited in the water collection tank day after day when cutting with a waterjet cutting machine. WodaGarnetClean is a sludge removal system that quickly and easily removes sludge without the need for error-prone electronics.

All companies that use waterjet cutting systems know the advantages of this efficient and innovative technology very well. Yet all companies also have to contend with a problem: cleaning the cutting basin of abrasive sludge is a major task for many. Within just one week, up to 800 kg of abrasive sludge can accumulate in some cases, and cleaning is still a heavy, sweaty task for many companies. Most of the time, the accumulated sludge has to be shovelled out of the cutting basin manually.

Obviously, you can also hire a service provider to de-sludge the waterjet cutting system, but these companies are in general quite expensive. We have devised a solution that combats all these problems and makes your everyday life easier without costly electronic equipment. Our mobile de-sludging unit WodaGarnetClean removes all abrasive sludge in an environmentally friendly way.

WodaGarnetClean - Mobile Desludging Plant

Removing abrasive sludge with WodaGarnetClean

With our mobile manual abrasive removal system WodaGarnetClean you can quickly and easily remove abrasive sludge from absolutely any waterjet cutting system. The complete de-sludging system requires only compressed air (2-6 bar) and can be used variably wherever it is needed. We will be happy to advise you by telephone or e-mail if you require further information regarding WodaGarnetClean. We are also available to answer any other questions you may have on the subject of waterjet cutting.

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