Water treatment Water jet cutting

Waterjet cutting requires pressures of up to 6000 bar, such high pressures stress all components and reveal even minor defects in the water quality. With a good water treatment system, you get an extended lifetime for your components and parts. In particular, your maintenance can be planned. Your components will no longer fail due to damage caused by poor water quality.

Water treatment Waterjet cutting - Why is it important?

It is often assumed that clear drinking water or tap water is clean and free of pollutants.

For many years now, drinking water suppliers have been adding additional silicic acid (SiO²) to the water. This is healthy for humans, but unfortunately not for the nozzles of waterjet cutting systems.

In a test, we compared two identical nozzles. One nozzle was operated with poor resp. untreated cutting water, the other nozzle was operated with treated and filtered water.

In the nozzle, which was operated with untreated water, you can clearly see the deposits of silicic acid. The deposits were so extreme that clean cuts were no longer possible.

The other nozzle was operated with water that was treated and filtered by our complete solution WodaCodeGreen. Despite an identical working time, an extreme difference can be seen. Due to such deposits, it is necessary to replace components more often.

Water treatment Water jet cutting
Comparison of two identical diamond nozzles
Left: untreated cutting water
Right: Cutting water treated with WodaCodeGreen
Our WodaCode filter system protects the sensitive high-pressure system of waterjet cutting machines from contamination, reducing wear and maintenance costs.

Wasseraufbereitungsanlagen sind technische Anlagen, die Wasser gezielt für bestimmte Anforderungen aufbereiten. Die entsprechenden Anforderungen sind gerade beim Wasserstrahlschneiden sehr hoch. Das Trink- bzw. Leitungswasser enthält über 20 Stoffe, die sich negativ auf sämtliche Bauteile auswirken können. Von kleinen Schäden, wie einer defekten Düse, bis zu defekten Verdichter, welche durch einen Dichtungsschaden zerstört wurden.

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